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this was from a little while ago, but i just needed to see it again.

Bizarre baby born in Dolakha

By Rajendra Manandhar

Charikot, Dolakha, March 29 - The birth of a bizarre-looking baby in Charikot, the headquarters of Dolakha district, on Wednesday, drew a huge number of onlookers to witness the astonishing sight.

The neck-less baby with its head almost totally sunk into the upper part of the body and with extraordinarily large eyeballs literally popping out of the eye-sockets, was born to Nir Bahadur Karki and Suntali Karki at the Gaurishnkar Hospital in Charikot.

The Karki couple is a permanent resident of Dolakha’s Bhirkot VDC.

The bizarre baby, however, died after half an hour of its birth, Suntali, the mother, informed. It was taken to the hospital after its death.

The news about such a baby being brought to the hospital spread like wildfire and there were hundreds gathered at the hospital to have a look. The police had to be deployed to control the crowd.

“We wouldn’t have been able to save it, even if it had been brought here alive,” said a nurse attending to the mother at the hospital, “This is an extremely abnormal case.”

The “baby” weighed 2kg at birth and was born after the normal nine-month gestation period.

Suntali, already a mother of two normal daughters, was not suffering from any illness during the pregnancy.

Nir Bahadur, the father, says he does not feel any remorse for the newly-born baby’s death. “I am happy that nothing happened to my wife,” he said.


At 10:41 PM, Blogger hen said...

This is not a muppet baby. It looks like this baby was born anecephalic, a birth defect. Not many children are born because it is detected at 4 months through ultrasound and most mothers choose to abort the pregnancy. The child has no chance of living once it is born, I believe the longest recorded is one week alive. For these people to be parading this poor baby around is inhumane and for the parents to permit it is disgusting!

At 1:15 AM, Blogger Preston said...

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At 6:16 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I see what you did there, Andrew. Clever.

At 6:17 PM, Blogger HUUSSSSSSIIIIIEEEEEE said...

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